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Preventative Care — More Screening Tests 

August Health Focus: Week 4

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Screening tests are used to look for disease in people who have no symptoms that may indicate disease. 


Celiac Disease: Causes, Risk Factors, Screening, and Diagnosis 

Simple Tests for Measuring Cognitive Impairment 

Diagnosing Osteoporosis 

Hearing Difficulties 

Symptoms and Diagnosing Cataracts 


Self-compassion is just as important as forgiveness. Research has shown that self-kindness works better than harsh self-criticism. 




Learning to live with grace helps us live with positive emotions and helps build the capacity for resilience. 


Living with Grace 


We’ve focused on sleep this month and reflected on how important it is. At one point or another we’ve all had a loud roommate, or a noisy elevator. Here are some tips on how to sleep when it’s loud. 


Help. It’s Too Loud to Sleep! 


Create something new! 


Get creative with this Golden-Crust Pizza recipe as a backdrop for any pizza topping: From vegetarian options to a Mexican pizza, even an apple and fontina cheese version.  

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