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About Us

About Us


ConnectWell empowers people to make informed health decisions and improve well-being by scaling health literacy through democratizing access to digital health and wellness content that is academically sourced and designed for a wide-ranging consumer audience.


ConnectWell educates, engages, and supports people to integrate wellness into life through expertly vetted, up-to-date digital health and wellness content which is designed for consumers and delivered through a wide-range of digital platforms.

Founding and History

ConnectWell was founded in 2010 to deliver an innovative wellness offering that combines proven science and practical methods to prevent and reverse chronic diseases related to lifestyle. The ConnectWell Team and Scientific Advisory Board have deep and broad experience in disease prevention, disease management, wellness, behavior change, habit formation, health education, worksite wellness, public health, family dynamics, and positive psychology. 

In 2017, ConnectWell became a digital health and wellness content provider. A partnership was formed with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health to bring their extensive health and wellness publications to a variety of digital health platforms. With the partnership, ConnectWell digitized its proprietary Wellness Initiatives alongside the UC Berkeley content and was able to support emerging digital health companies expand their capabilities. Looking to add video content to the mix, in 2020 ConnectWell forged a relationship with University of California TV (UCTV) to access its extensive health and medicine video programming. In 2022 ConnectWell evolved its content strategy by incorporating Mayo Clinic’s Health Information to access its world-renowned content and integrate it into our dynamic platform experience. Concurrently,  ConnectWell expanded its proprietary content beyond Wellness Initiatives to include Standards of Care Guidelines that are sourced from trusted health institutions and a unique Healthy Recipe Collection that teaches nutrition within each recipe. The continued expansion of content sources, proprietary content, and digital design elements positions ConnectWell as the go-to digital health content provider supporting a wide range of organizations that engage their target audiences in their health.

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