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Alcohol — Liver Disorders & Alcohol 

September Health Focus: Week 4

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Heavy alcohol use can cause liver injury or hepatitis. 


Overview of Hepatitis 


Cirrhosis is the growth of scar tissue in the liver caused by chronic liver disease. Once scar tissue develops in the liver, it is irreversible. People usually don’t have many symptoms in the early stages of cirrhosis. Learn about the signs of cirrhosis as healthy cells are replaced by scar tissue. 


Cirrhosis: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment 


Many people may turn to alcohol to reduce stress. Learn about stress triggers and what threats trigger stress in you most often.  


Stress Triggers 


In reality, the brain can only handle one or two tasks at a time. Stress is one of the negative consequences of multi-tasking. 


Multitasking and Stress 


Watch this video to learn how multitasking negatively affects productivity. 


Technology has become more intrusive in our lives and contributes to multi-tasking. Learn how to reclaim your time by limiting screen time. 

Limiting Screen Time 


Watch this video to learn how smartphone apps function like slot machines. 


Cooking can be a stress reliever, and nothing says “comfort” like soup! 


French Onion Soup                   

Golden Vegetable Soup 

Lentil & Sausage Soup 

Creamy Two-Mushroom Soup 

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