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Alcohol — Depression & Mood Disorders 

September Health Focus: Week 2

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If you suffer from depression, one of the most important things you can do is to avoid alcohol. There is no question that alcohol worsens depression. It is, after all, a chemical depressant. The use and abuse of alcohol can magnify any mood or anxiety disorder and may be a contributing factor in suicide. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death and those who abuse alcohol are at the highest risk. 


Suicide and Mood Disorders 


It can be difficult to tell the difference between mild forms of depression or anxiety and normal emotions. Learn the symptoms that help doctors diagnose depression. 


Symptoms and Diagnosis of Depression 


Watch this video to learn the warning signs for depression. 


Fortunately, it is known that healthy habits such as regular exercise, improved sleep, and healthy nutrition can address the symptoms of depression. 


Lifestyle Habits for Treating Depression 


Many people who have found deep and lasting happiness are guided by personal values and a personal understanding of “What is their Why?” 


In Search of Personal Values 

Meaning, Purpose, Goals, and Mission 


Cook up something new with these sauces! 


Agliata Sauce 


Romesco Sauce 

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