Diabetes — Management of Type 2 Diabetes 

November Health Focus: Week 4

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An important goal of diabetes treatment is tight sugar (glucose) control — or keeping your blood glucose level as close to normal as possible.  


Tight Glucose Control for Treating Diabetes 


Self-testing your blood sugar is an important part of caring for your diabetes. Monitoring blood glucose helps to reduce the risk of diabetes complications.  


Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose, Urine, and Ketone Levels 


Medication to manage your diabetes is sometimes necessary. Learn about the many medications for treating diabetes and their potential side effects. 


Oral Medications for People with Diabetes  

Non-Insulin Injectable Diabetes Medications 

Injected Insulin and Insulin Adjuncts for People with Diabetes 


Before turning to alternative or complementary therapies to treat type 2 diabetes, talk with your doctor. Do NOT stop your current treatment program and let your physician know what you are considering. Your physician will check for potential side effects that may cause low blood sugar or high blood sugar. 


Alternative and Complementary Treatments for People with Diabetes 


This year give yourself, a friend, or a family member a gift with a healthy twist. 


Give a Gift of Healthy Eating for Any Occasion 


Cook up something simple and healthy! 


Fresh Fennel Salad with Capers & Lemon  

Jerk Pork Kebabs 

Baked Green Apples 

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