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Diabetes — Prevention, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes 

November Health Focus: Week 3

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If people in your family have diabetes, you are probably concerned about developing the disease yourself. You can’t prevent type 1 diabetes. However, type 2 diabetes is linked to being overweight and inactive, and a family history of diabetes. 


Prevention of Diabetes 


Type 2 diabetes often develops gradually over many years. Some of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes can include increased thirst, urination, unexplained weight loss, and blurred vision. 


Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes 


It is recommended that physicians regularly screen all patients over the age of 45.  


Diagnosis and Office Follow-Up of Diabetes 


Diabetes is very treatable. The goals of treating diabetes are to keep your blood sugar under control to prevent additional health problems in the future. 


Treatment of Diabetes 

Diet and exercise are the cornerstones for managing and reversing type 2 diabetes. Learn the various components of exercise that will help keep you healthy, and how to approach challenges — both physical and mental that get in the way of making progress to your physical activity goals. 


The Importance of Physical Activity 

Strategies for Incorporating Physical Activity Into your Life 


Plan some physical activity with your family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday period. 


Increasing Physical Activity with the Family 

Increasing Physical Activity with Friends 


Switch up your Thanksgiving leftovers with some lighter recipes! 

Creamy Polenta with Meatless Ragu 

Quinoa Pilaf with Cherries and Pecans  

Bow Ties with Mushroom Sauce 

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