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Vision Health — Dry Eyes, Styes, and Chalazia

June Health Focus: Week 2


It’s easy to take tears for granted — until they stop doing their job. Tears do a lot of work to keep eyes healthy. 


Dry Eye Syndrome 

If you have dry, red, or itchy eyes and are looking for over-the-counter relief, there are many eye drop products to choose from. 


A Focus on Eye Drops 


If you get a lump on your eyelid, you may think it’s a stye. And while it might well be, there’s a good chance it’s actually a chalazion.  


Styes and Chalazia: Treatment and Prevention 


It’s summertime and many of us are active and outdoors. It’s time for us to think about healthy beverages. 


Beverage Guidelines for Children 5 and Under 

Energy Drinks: Are They Healthy? 

Findings of Diet Soda Studies 


Cook up something new! 

Turkey-Papaya Salad 

Artichoke Hearts & Baby Limas 

Moroccan Lamb and White Bean Stew 

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