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Nutrition — Creating a Healthy Food Culture and Finding Healthy Foods

January Health Focus: Week 2


Regardless of a household’s structure, matters relating to food affect all the members of the family. It’s important to create a healthy food environment for the entire family.


Food, Eating, and Your Household

Activity for Creating a Healthy Food Environment

Reading labels on packaged foods can help you make healthy choices. The nutritional value of the food is in the numbers, not what the front of the package claims.


Decoding Nutrition Facts on Food Labels

Shopping Tips for Healthy Ingredients

Whole Grains: The 10-to-1 Rule


List the foods you need for each meal. Use the plate models to create balanced meals and snacks. This will make your trip to the grocery store easy and fill your cart with healthy ingredients.


Shopping Guide


Have fun shopping for ingredients in these recipes!


Green and Gold Risotto

Pan Fried Chicken Burgers

Lentils with Fennel and Tomato

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