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Work Well by Managing Stress at Work 

Workplace stress is often the most significant source of stress in a person’s life. By taking a little time to practice and learn techniques to better manage stress in your workday, you can be better focused, more productive, happier, as well as more flexible and creative.


Early signs of job stress include:


  • Mood and sleep disturbances

  • Upset stomach or headache

  • Job dissatisfaction and low morale

  • Disturbed relationships with coworkers, family, and friends


Unresolved work stress can contribute to many health conditions both physical and mental.


“70-90% of all doctor visits are for stress-related issues.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Making a choice to adopt Work Well practices helps reduce work-related stress, improve productivity, sustain mental and physical energy, manage technology, and increase happiness and overall well-being. A fulfilling and productive workday reduces stress and stress-related illness, and provides you with time, space, and energy to enjoy life’s treasures and pleasures at work and beyond.


With the Work Well Challenge you will learn to:

  • Organize your workday and workspace

  • Recharge with a physical and mental breaks to keep your mind sharp

  • Manage your food, beverages, and movement to optimize energy

  • Tame the technology beast

“Brain cells create ideas. Stress kills brain cells. Stress in not a good idea.” Frederick Saunders



1. Click here to access and print the "Passport" as a guide to your Virtual Exhibit.


2. Click here for the Work Well Virtual Exhibit and learn work-related stress management practices that enable you to enjoy life at work and beyond. 

Take Action

1. Click here to access and print the 4-week Work Well Challenge.


2. Record the days you incorporated work-related stress management practices throughout the day on the Work Well Challenge Sheet 

Access Support

1. Click here to view articles, videos, tools, and inspiration to succeed in the Work Well Challenge.


2. Access these support resources on the employee well-being portal.

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