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Portion Well Initiative

Take Action to Right-Size Your Portions

  1. Dinner plates have increased by 33% since 1960 from 9 inches to 12 inches.

  2. 92% of all restaurant meals (not just fast foods) have too many calories.

  3. A restaurant meal averages 1205 calories, 2 times the recommended calorie count per meal.

  4. We eat too fast — it takes 20 minutes for the brain to register that the stomach is satisfied.

  5. Our brain chemistry drives our impulse to want to consume any food that is in front of us.

  6. Find new ways other than food to reward yourself and loved ones.


“Be wise about your portion size.” Anonymous

Eating foods in the right portion size is a lifestyle choice that improves health and assists with weight maintenance and weight loss.


With the Portion Well Exhibit & Challenge you will learn to:

  • Pace your eating

  • Right-size your portions

  • Manage portions sizes when eating out

  • Treat yourself, friends, family, and children with non-food rewards

“Healthy eating — the right stuff in the right amount — is a sign of self-respect.” Anonymous



1. Click here to access and print the "Passport" as a guide to your Virtual Exhibit.


2. Click here for the Portion Well Virtual Exhibit and learn why and how to manage healthy portions for better health.

Take Action

1. Click here to access and print the 4-week Portion Well Challenge.


2. Record the days you tried different ideas and techniques to right-size your portions on the Portion Well Challenge Sheet 

Access Support

1. Click here to view articles, videos, tools, and inspiration to succeed in the Portion Well Challenge.


2. Access these support resources on the employee well-being portal.

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