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Skin Cancer — Skin Cancer Risk Reductions 

May Health Focus: Week 3

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Sunlight is both good and bad for you. The absorption of vitamin D is a benefit of sun exposure. The risks of excess sunlight include damage to your skin and eyes. However, there are some things you can and should do to reduce your risk of skin cancer when you are out in the sun.  


Skin Cancer Risk Reductions 


Gratitude can increase your happiness! 



Ways to Create Gratitude in Your Life  


Constant clutter around the house can be a major source of stress, and it is Spring. So let’s clean. This is a great opportunity to think through organizing your living spaces and workspaces at home for you and your children. Learn strategies and tips to clean out your clutter and the difference between normal clutter and hoarding.  


Declutter to Reduce Stress 


May is a good month to try a new recipe — a new texture, a new flavor, or a new rice dish. 


Yogurt Cheese 

Spicy Stir-Fried Lamb & Spinach 

Basmati Rice, Chickpeas & Toasted Almonds 

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