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Mood Disorders — Treatments for Depression  

December Health Focus: Week 3

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If you feel that you, a family member, or friend may be experiencing depression, the first step is to have an assessment including a detailed medical history and a mental status examination. Treatment for depression varies based on the diagnosis and there are different goals for each of these 3 stages: 


  • Acute treatment – relieve symptoms and restore a person’s ability to function 

  • Continuation treatment – prevent a relapse 

  • Maintenance treatment – prevent a new episode 


Depression is often higher in older adults. Unfortunately, it is often undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or untreated in the population.  


Treating Depression in Older Adults 


Check out options for the treatment of depression. 


Psychotherapy for Treating Mood Disorders and Depression 

Overview of Treating Depression with Medications 

Alternative Treatments for Depression 


GOOD NEWS! Many people recover from depression and go on to become happy or satisfied with their lives. 


Achieving Happiness After Depression 


For some of us, the holidays mean doing everything we can to keep calm. 


5-Minute BBLLISS Meditation 

Walking Meditation for Resilience 

Managing Holiday Stress 


We wired to be sensitive to other people’s stress. Learn how to keep the stress of your loved ones from making yours unmanageable as well as not overburdening others with your own stress. 


Managing Stress with Others  


Nothing says comfort like Italian food! 


Italian Cabbage, Chickpea & Pasta Soup 

Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo 

Chopped Broccoli Piccata 

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