Worksite Wellness Programs and Initiatives

ConnectWell offers Worksite Wellness Programs and Initiatives that are designed to be implemented in the workplace for creating wellness experiences where employees learn, engage, and support each other in the adoption of healthy lifestyle practices.

Health & Wellness Website

ConnectWell’s Health & Wellness Website is made available as a service to employers to provide access to a trusted source of health and wellness information for employees and their dependents.

ConnectWell Health & Wellness Website includes:

  • Health & Wellness Digital Library: Extensive coverage of health, wellness, and disease topics from A to Z

  • Wellness Initiatives: Wellness education with strategies and tools to help in the adoption of healthy lifestyle practices

  • Healthy Recipe Collection: Healthy recipes that are tasty, easy to make, and made from whole foods and healthy ingredients 

To encourage utilization of the Health & Wellness Website, ConnectWell provides a year's worth of programming for worksites to easily implement as part of their wellness program.

Seamless access to the website is made available through your Intranet or wellness portal. The website homepage can incorporate your company's name or wellness program logo. Additionally, employees can access the ConnectWell Health & Wellness Website on their PC or smartphone providing them with a trusted source of health and wellness information anytime, anywhere.

Worksite Wellness Initiatives Include:

Exhibits and Challenges

ConnectWell's Self-guided Wellness Exhibits combined with Wellness Challenges provide a hands on wellness experience to help your employees adopt healthy lifestyle practices. Each year select Wellness Initiatives that match the needs of your employees to help them build the capacity for healthy lifestyle practices.

ConnectWell offers guidance and support for executive level staff and middle management to promote

successful rollout and high levels of employee engagement in our Wellness Initiatives.

*The Maternal Health Initiative is designed as an individual initiative to be made available to employees when they are ready to start a family.

Self-guided Wellness Exhibits

ConnectWell’s Self-guided Wellness Exhibits educate participants through a set of posters and support materials designed to be exhibited at worksites. This flexible format enables worksites to reach many employees where they work and congregate. A virtual version can be posted to your wellness portal to reach employees and family members remotely.

Wellness Challenges

Each Wellness Challenge engages participants to integrate simple habits into daily living that result in improved health and well-being in a short time period. Throughout the Wellness Challenges, participants access Wellness Initiative articles and tools provided on ConnectWell's Health & Wellness Website to assist in the adoption of healthy habits.


A sampling of ConnectWell’s 4-week Wellness Challenges include:

  • Healthy Balance Nutrition Challenge

  • Move More Challenge

  • Time-for-Me Challenge

  • Sleep Well Challenge

  • Travel Well Challenge

ConnectWell supports each challenge with a suite of turnkey materials to ensure high participation rates, a well-organized challenge, and data collection.

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