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September — Alcohol Awareness Month  

September Health Focus: Week 1

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The body processes alcohol in much the same way that it processes all sugars. Learn about the benefits, risks, and recommended limits for alcohol. 




Research has found that moderate drinking “may” reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease for men and women over 40. However, if you drink heavily, you are at increased risk for heart failure and heart attack. 


Alcohol and Heart Health 


This video reveals a useful question to evaluate if a person has an addiction. 


We’re all aware of the potential dangers of alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse contributes to many cancers, mood disorders, liver disorders, and it is harmful to an unborn baby. But did you know that consuming too much alcohol can harm your bones? 


Alcohol Consumption and Osteoporosis 


Learn ideas for non-alcoholic beverages that are tasty and fun! 


Hydrate with Healthy Beverages 


The fruits and vegetables are beginning to change for fall. Try these recipes!  

Chili-Lime Barley & Vegetable Salad 

Sweet Potato Salad with Mango-Curry Dressing 

Shells with Italian Butternut Sauce 

Lemon-Honey Quince 

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