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Employee Well-Being Programs

Today’s HR professional is looking for wellness strategies that deliver impact — that increase employee engagement and retention, while containing healthcare costs. ConnectWell’s Employee Well-Being Programs are designed to augment and boost the collective impact of existing healthcare benefits and wellness programming. Including ConnectWell’s science-based health and wellness programming in your benefits suite demonstrates to employees that they matter. With ConnectWell’s digital content suite, employers secure trusted resources that are science based — enabling employees and their families to navigate the many complexities of health and well-being.

ConnectWell's Employee Well-Being Programs Include:

  • Wellness Consulting Services that Maximize your Wellness Program’s Impact

  • ConnectWell's Digital Health & Wellness Content Suite

  • Wellness Initiatives: Exhibits and Challenges

  • Group-Based Virtual Health Coaching

ConnectWell partners with Employers, Benefits Brokers, Corporate Wellness Platforms, and Benefits Administration Platforms to bring digital wellness experiences to employees and dependents. ConnectWell's Programs are designed to help employees and their family members learn about and improve their physical health and mental well-being. Programs seamlessly integrate with employer portals, and are optimized for all screens and available anytime, anywhere.

ConnectWell's Wellness Consulting Services

Every organization is unique and benefits from a Health and Wellness Program that is designed to engage employees and maximize the program’s impact for your company and culture.


Wellness Programs are Strategic Initiatives that:

  • Support recruiting and retention

  • Improve population health — both physical and mental

  • Help manage escalating health-care expenses

  • Demonstrate to employees that they matter


ConnectWell offers consulting services that include:

  • Working with HR Leadership on wellness strategy development

  • Branding or rebranding your wellness program and its mission and purpose

  • Participating as a wellness committee team member

  • Employee surveys that drive program development

  • Assistance integrating ConnectWell’s offering into your broader wellness program and healthcare benefits

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ConnectWell Health & Wellness Content Suite

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ConnectWell’s Health & Wellness Content Suite seamlessly integrates into benefits platforms and employer portals providing employees and their dependents access to a trusted source of health and wellness information. Employees can freely search for health and wellness information that pertains to their needs and engage in health practices that they want to focus on.

ConnectWell Health & Wellness Website includes:

  • Health Information Library: Extensive coverage of health, wellness, and disease topics from A to Z

  • Wellness Initiatives: Wellness education with strategies and tools to help in the adoption of healthy lifestyle practices

  • Healthy Recipe Collection: Tasty recipes that promote better living through healthier eating and educate on healthy eating, food-sourcing options, and highlight the hero ingredient

  • Brief videos from Mayo Clinic and University of California experts on many topics

* Custom branding is available to provide continuity with the benefit offering

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Virtual Wellness Initiatives include Exhibits and Challenges that are created from ConnectWell’s proprietary content across all of the Wellness Initiative Categories.

  • Virtual Wellness Exhibits teach people about healthy lifestyle practices.

  • The related Challenges help people put these practices into action in daily living.

  • Together they improve the overall health of employees and their dependents.

Virtual Wellness Initiatives

ConnectWell 10 Keys Wellness Initiatives

Virtual Wellness Exhibits

ConnectWell’s Virtual Wellness Exhibits are digital — enabling all employees and their family members to participate in health improvement initiatives. Exhibits contain a Passport to Learning that pulls participants into the education process.

Virtual Wellness Challenges

Each Wellness Challenge assists participants to integrate simple habits into daily living that result in improved health and well-being in a short time period. Throughout the Wellness Challenges, participants access Wellness Initiative articles and tools provided on ConnectWell's Health & Wellness Content Suite to assist in the adoption of healthy habits.


A sampling of ConnectWell’s 4-week Wellness Challenges includes:

  • Healthy Balance Nutrition Challenge

  • Move More Challenge

  • Time-for-Me Challenge

  • Sleep Well Challenge

  • Travel Well Challenge

Challenges can be experienced individually or approached from a company-wide, department, or team-building event.

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Group-based Virtual Health Coaching.jpg

Sessions include:


  • Brief presentations derived from ConnectWell’s Content Suite that focus on strategies to sustain a healthy lifestyle

  • Guidance on using ConnectWell’s Content Suite to aid in health improvement strategies

  • Questions and answers

  • Actions steps to take in between sessions

  • Follow-up communication to promote engagement

  • Sessions are recorded for use on employee portal

Group-Based Virtual Health Coaching


ConnectWell’s Health Coach leads Group-Based Virtual Health Coaching Sessions in a variety of areas utilizing ConnectWell’s Health & Wellness Content Suite and Wellness Initiatives. Through 4-week Virtual Wellness Challenges, Group-Based Virtual Health Coaching Sessions engage people in the adoption of healthy lifestyle practices. Employers can select Group-Based Virtual Health Coaching in the areas of Disease Management, Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Physical Activity, Stress Management, Sleep, Happiness, Resilience and Maternal Health.

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